I was born in 1953 and grew up in the Beautiful Rolling hills and farmlands of rural Indiana. I am largely a self-taught oil painter. Oil painting is a medium I have grown even more fond of over the years. In my earlier years, most of my creative work consisted of the use of metal sculpture, pottery, watercolor, pen & ink and many other mediums, in which I had some formal training. I also completed two years of instruction in Commercial Art.

I have had exhibits in Southern Indiana & Kentucky. After some time of having my own studio and small gallery at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, I completed a larger studio on my own property in Elizabeth, Indiana, where I now do most of my work.

I think my Landscape paintings are a reflection of those earlier years in rural Indiana. Most are serene and remind me of those carefree years of growing up there. However, in recent years, I have added still life and abstracts to my creative palate.

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