The nature of watercolor painting seems to lend itself to portraying old, weathered buildings in harmony with their natural settings. There is a beautiful simplicity in architecture created for utilitarian purpose whether it is an old barn or lighthouse. They were built to withstand the elements like sentinels watching the march of time. Jay likes to record their presence before they succumb to nature or man, and to share that special feeling and emotion that can be felt when light touches a scene in a magical way.

Jay Benzing grew up not far from the ocean in New York as part of a family that considered art a part of everyday life. He found encouragement from his father who loved to oil paint and his High School art teacher who was also an accomplished Madison Avenue artist. Jay majored in art education at Morehead State then taught art in Boone Co., Ky for 30 years. Upon retirement Jay and his wife Wanda moved to South East Indiana to be closer to his subject matter…and the water.

Jay is a member of the Madison Art Club and Gallery and the KY Watercolor Society. His watercolors are available at River House Studio in Patriot, the Madison Art Gallery, and the Community Art Center in Vevay. His watercolors have won awards in KWS competitions at the Mellwood Art Center in Louisville.

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