I like to wear jewelry that is colorful, with interesting shapes and textures. I began making earrings and necklaces about 13 years ago using gemstones, glass, crystals and pearls. Then I discovered polymer clay beads at a bead store.

Polymer clay is a man-made, clay-like medium which comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The blocks of clay can be mixed into an infinite number of colors, tints and shades. It can be molded, carved, sanded, textured and combined in a myriad ways to make amazing shapes and designs.

During the last 7 years, I have been constantly inspired to try new techniques with polymer to create pendants and beads for my necklaces and earrings. Many necklaces I make today include my own handmade polymer clay beads.

I am a retired elementary school teacher, having taught in Indiana, New York State, Singapore, Libya, Japan and Kuwait. My husband and I live near Florence, Indiana, overlooking the beautiful Ohio River. We enjoy gardening, traveling in our RV, and cruising on the waterways of the eastern United States aboard our trawler.

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