Bonnie Peugeot has been painting since she was a little girl and feels that the act of painting is a sharing, an imparting of her soul to others through visual art.

Her medium of choice is oil, but she is very versatile in her expression and also has a passion for mono-printing as well as chalk pastels on velvet paper. For Bonnie, it is the love of color that drives her passion to paint, “Color, to me, creates such mood and emotion which it then evokes from the viewer.”

The majority of Bonnie’s paintings are traditional Flemish style with vague delineation of paintbrush strokes. She also has done a few impressionist style paintings and very unique acrylic abstract mixed media paintings. For Bonnie, it’s more about feeling free in her work and the color of having its own purity and expression.

Throughout the early 1980’s, Bonnie was a regular exhibitor in the Madison Chautauqua Art Festival, and established her own art gallery in Madison from 1996 to 1998. Currently, Bonnie’s paintings are in collections at Oakland City University and England.

Bonnie has a double major –in Art and in Education. She first attended Oakland City University for her undergraduate studies where she was under the tutelage of Dr. Marie McCord, and then her Master’s in Education from Indiana University Southeast with a concentration in Two Dimensional where she studied under Susan Moffett and Brian H. Jones.

“When people come to my exhibit, I would like for them to find one painting that speaks to them and evoked an emotion enough within them that they have to have it.”

Bonnie is also a Trimble County High School art teacher, and has recently released a book entitled, “The Adventures of Kimo,” the first in a series of five children’s books. Veteran teacher, Peugeot has been having her drawing classes write and illustrate a children’s book and poetry over the years- so that they become aware that there are opportunities for both writers and illustrators. Thirty years into doing this, Peugeot realized that she has been telling her students to “go for it”, but she hadn’t; as she, too, had authored books that were as yet unpublished. “I was not confident in myself. It took thirty years to find out who I am and the confidence within myself to go for it. The opportunity arose, and I grabbed the brass ring”, in other words, she finally published her book. “I want to be remembered as a person who had tenacity. I didn’t give up hope”

“The Adventures of Kimo” is a fun-loving book that contains hidden messages about making the right decisions, and that it’s okay to have friends that others wouldn’t have chosen for you. Bonnie says that if you listen to your ‘true heart,’ you will make good decisions. Bad decisions happen when you listen to others. Adults can easily see the deeper meanings, the kids learn while just enjoying the story.

The entire series of five books feeds your soul with talk of kindnesses, trusting others, diversity, selflessness instead of selfishness, and “paying it forward.” Kids learn that if you do good things, it opens the way for good things to happen to you, and then you will bloom as a person. In Kimo’s world, good always conquers evil.


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