What started as a challenge to myself has become one of the most enjoyable and creative outlets in my life. I am a self taught stained glass artist who has been working in this beautiful medium since 1998. I’ve created many of my own designs and use others I find to be inspirational. There is an emotional connection – a passion – for creating art in glass.

All pieces are individually hand cut and I use the copper foil method exclusively. I also enjoy making a piece look 3-D. I like to see the detail and definition in each piece of glass. The colors, textures and variations tend to inspire and motivate. Each project is truly one of a kind because no two pieces of glass are alike.

I’ve learned decorative soldering along the way and like to add it to my glass whenever I can. I have some beautiful plates, vases and picture frames all made with decorative soldering. Each one is truly unique.

From 2005 to 2009, I had the opportunity to design and create medallions for the wineries participating in the Swiss Wine Festival here in Vevay, The wineries are very proud of their medals made exclusively for them. I’ve also enjoyed being a part of Madison’s Chautauqua and displaying my work at various Art Galleries in the area.

I love when people see in my work. What it is I feel. I hope you enjoy my artwork, and see the possibilities and take the opportunity to fill your home and surroundings with the warmth and beauty of glass.

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