I am a farmer in South Eastern Indiana. I raise and show donkeys in the summer. In the winter, I don’t have much farm work, so I started turning wood. I started by making Christmas gifts, on a small cheap wood lathe. I made pen, bottle stoppers, and bracelets and Christmas decorations. I now have a good large lathe and turn every free moment I have. I make bowls of all kinds, vases, plates and platters, and one of a kind art. I love wood. Every tree is different and each piece of wood from the tree is different. There is a lot of character in every piece especially the crotch or where limbs fork off. I start with green or “wet” wood, turn it to shape and let it dry for 2-6 months and then turn to size, sand and finish. When I turn a bowl or vessel, I let the wood character show. I leave knots, holes, bark and repair cracks. A wood bowl is like furniture in your house, it shrinks when it is dry and swells when the humidity is high. That is why a lot of hand turned wood bowls have a wavy rim. If you want a perfect bowl buy plastic or glass. If you want a beautiful hand turned wood bowl with a lot of character I have what you want.


Our Address:

217 Ferry St, Vevay, IN 47043


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